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    January 1st Health Insurance Deadline Extended

    January 3, 2024
    Enroll in Health Insurance by this Saturday, January 6, and your coverage will be backdated to January 1, 2024. JFS is here to offer FREE assistance!


    The Passaic Section 8 Waiting List is Open

    November 2, 2023
    The Passaic Section 8 Waiting list is open for the first time since 2017! The waiting list will be open until tomorrow, November 3 at 4 PM.


    Health Insurance Open Enrollment for 2024

    October 23, 2023
    Open Enrollment for private health insurance for 2024 will be from November 1, 2023 – January 31, 2024. JFS is here to offer FREE assistance!


    Medicaid Redetermination Applications Required

    March 28, 2023
    The automatic continuation of Medicaid coverage, which has been in effect for three years, is ending in on May 31, 2023, and Medicaid redetermination applications will be required.


    Emergency SNAP Extra Benefit Amounts will Return to Normal

    February 23, 2023
    As of March 1, 2023, the extra temporary SNAP benefit (SNAP Emergency Allotments) recipients got during the COVID-19 pandemic are ending.


    Waiting list for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

    February 2, 2023
    The Department of Community Affairs (DCA) has opened the waiting list for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program.


    Federal Student Loan Debt Relief

    October 24, 2022
    A new program that provides eligible borrowers with full or partial forgiveness of loans up to $20,000 to Federal Pell Grant recipients and up to $10,000 to non-Pell Grant recipients.

    Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Temporary Waiver

    October 16, 2022
    Links to resources to better understand the Public Service Loan Forgiveness waiver and steps to access its relief before the 10/31/22 deadline.

    Affordable New Jersey Communities for Homeowners and Renters (ANCHOR)

    September 16, 2022
    This new program will provide property tax relief to New Jersey residents who owned or rented their principal residence on October 1, 2019, and meet income limits.

    State Rental Assistance Program Waiting List

    June 23, 2022
    State of New Jersey Rental Assistance Program will be accepting applications to be added to their waiting lists.

    Affordable Connectivity Program

    May 18, 2022
    New benefit that helps individuals and families afford the Wi-Fi .

    Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program

    May 3, 2022
    New assistance is available to help pay past-due water and sewer bills.

    LIHEAP and Water Bill Assistance Program

    March 8, 2022
    Multiple assistance programs available for heating, cooling and water bills.

    The Excluded New Jerseyans Fund

    February 15, 2022
    One-time cash benefit to households who suffered economic hardship due to COVID-19 and were excluded from both of the federal stimulus checks and COVID-related unemployment assistance.

    Emergency Rescue Mortgage Assistance Program (ERMA)

    February 8, 2022
    This program provides up to $35,000 in assistance to cover mortgage arrearages and other housing cost delinquencies for eligible homeowners negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    COVID-19 Funeral Assistance Program

    May 7, 2021
    FEMA will be providing financial assistance of up to $9,000 to cover funeral expenses for each COVID-19 related funeral that occurred after January 20, 2020.