State Rental Assistance Program (SRAP) Waiting List Opening Soon

The State of New Jersey Rental Assistance Program (SRAP) provides housing subsidies on behalf of very low-income New Jersey residents. Funding is limited, and not all eligible households can be assisted. SRAP will be accepting applications to be added to their waiting lists July 11 – July 22.



  • New Jersey residents aged 18 and above. There are separate waiting lists for each of the below categories:
    • Elderly households – head of household at least 62 years of age
    • Disabled households – head of household or spouse is permanently disabled
    • Families – head of household with or without children who are 18 years of age
    • Homeless households – a household that lacks regular, adequate nighttime residence
  • At the time of selection, applicants will have to meet the income limits in the county where they live.


Annual income limits for Passaic County are: 

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
$34,275 $39,200 $44,075 $48,950 $52,875 $56,800 $60,725 $64,625


Monday, July 11, 2022, at 9:00 AM until Friday, July 22, 2022, at 5:00 PM.


Applications will be accepted ONLINE ONLY at (link will only work during the dates/times above).


Names, social security numbers, birthdates, and income information for all individuals living in the household. An email address is required.



  • 4,000 applications will be selected by lottery to be placed on the waiting list (1,000 applications in each of the above categories). All applications submitted during the application period will have an equal chance of being selected. The lottery status will be posted at the above link on or after August 15.
  • One application per household will be accepted for each category. Submit one application for each category you qualify for.
  • If a parent submits a pre-application for their household which includes adult children, anyone age 18 or above living in the house may also apply on their own.
  • This program is independent of any other housing assistance program. If you applied for assistance with another agency, you must file a new application to be considered for eligibility in this program. If you are currently on a waiting list for rental assistance with another agency, you may remain on that waiting list while applying to SRAP.

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