Emergency SNAP Extra Benefit Amounts Will Return to Normal for all SNAP Households as of March 1, 2023.

Due to a recent change in federal law, the extra temporary SNAP benefit recipients got during the COVID-19 pandemic, known as SNAP Emergency Allotments, are ending. This means that all SNAP household benefits will return to the normal amount, without the added supplement starting March 1, 2023.

More About SNAP:
SNAP (Food Stamps) is a government program that offers a monthly stipend to low-income households for the purpose of purchasing food products.

  • When applying, we strongly advise you to keep copies of all documents, forms, and letters that you submit to SNAP’s offices. On all the copies, write the date on which you submitted or mailed the documents.
  • Write your case number on all correspondence you send to your case worker. This will ensure quicker delivery and processing.
  • Keep thorough notes of all communication you have with your case worker. Be sure to include the date of each conversation.
  • Your award letter states the end-date of your award period. Mark one month prior to this date on next year’s calendar, which is when you should start looking out for a recertification letter.
  • To report the birth of a baby, submit a copy of the infant’s bracelet and crib card along with the baby’s name and your case number. Report the birth of your newborn as soon as possible. The increase in your benefits will start the month after you report the birth. The increase will not be retroactive to your baby’s birth date.
  • As long as you use your SNAP card regularly, the benefits will remain in your SNAP account. If you do not use your card at all over a three-month span, however, you will be at risk of losing your benefits.
  • You can create an online account to check your SNAP balance and transaction history for the past 12 months at connectebt.com.

Additional New Information:
The minimum monthly SNAP benefit in New Jersey is now $95.

For more information about these changes, visit the SNAP COVID page.

Visit www.nj211.org/njsnap to find more information and other food assistance programs.

For more information, please contact the JFS Resource Center at 973-777-7638 x614 or send us a message:


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