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Early Memory Loss Program

JFS is starting a new weekly program for individuals with early memory loss, called WINDS Cafe at Club SEQUOIA. This program will provide activities geared to individuals in the beginning stage of memory loss. WINDS is a 1 day a week, 4 hour program. Partial funding for this program was provided by The Brookdale Foundation and The Provident Bank Foundation.

For more information contact Rebecca Schochet at 973-777-7638 x627.

Check out this slideshow about Early Signs of Memory Loss:

Early Signs of Memory Loss slideshow
Geriatric Psychiatric Evaluations, Counseling, and Case Management
Psychiatric evaluations: Our geriatric psychiatrist provides comprehensive evaluations that assesses a person’s functional status, cognition, mental health, physical health, and socioenvironmental factors. Medical records are obtained and reviewed as part of this evaluation. Family members and caregivers are integrated and supported throughout the treatment process.
Counseling: Seniors dealing with life challenges, loss and family issues benefit from weekly therapy appointments or support groups with clinical social workers. Most services are Medicare eligible.
Case-Management: Trained social workers are available to conduct a financial assessment and assist with applying for benefits related to financial and health care needs. Accompaniment to these appointments are also available.
Caregiver Support Services

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, and other mental health conditions can influence your physical and emotional well-being. At JFS, we provide caregivers with the tools needed to effectively take care of their loved ones and themselves.

We provide:

  • Caregiver support groups
  • Counseling services
  • Psychoeducation

In-home Family Assessments

It is often difficult to determine the best plan to meet the needs of our elderly parents or loved ones. Jewish Family Service offers comprehensive and caring in-home assessments facilitated by our geriatric staff.

If you or your elderly parent(s) answer yes to any of the following questions, an in-home family assessment could be very valuable.

  • What your parent wants is not what you are able to provide
  • Your parent’s financial and medical needs are so troublesome that they prevent you from sleeping
  • You and your siblings are arguing about what to do with your parent
  • You promised that your parents would never go to a nursing home, but it seems as though it’s the only choice
  • Your marriage is suffering because your energies are being consumed by worry about your parents


Jewish Family Service can provide you with the professional help needed at this crisis time.

Evaluation services include:

  • Phone interview to provide a background perspective of the problem.
  • 1 ½ hour home or hospital visit with the elderly person and family members to discuss views of the problem.
  • Contact with necessary medical personnel.
  • Development of an individualized plan based upon the identified needs, limitations, and preferences.

The fee for the entire service is $250.

To set up an appointment call Pearl Ricklis at 973-777-7638 x140 or email

Holocaust Survivors Support Services

Jewish Family Service offers an array of services to survivors and those impacted directly by the Holocaust.

Services include:

  • Home Health Aide Services: Survivors may qualify for a home-health aid to assist with activities of daily living such h as showering, getting dressed, meal preparation, and additional tasks. Caring People Inc. is our preferred provider.
  • Emergency Assistance: Supportive services are available for crises and emergencies.
  • Café Europa is a social and supportive program that offers Holocaust survivors monthly gathering to reconnect with old friends, develop supportive networks and enjoy the variety of programs presented to them – music, film, lectures. For more information or to participate, please contact Jewish Family Service. Funding for the Holocaust Survivor program is provided by the Conference on Material Claims Against Germany.

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