Jewish Family Service and Children's Center of Clifton-Passaic
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    In Honor of the Launch of The Sandy Rappaport Trauma Center for Children



    “The therapists who see my children are warm, loving and caring. The progress that has been achieved is beyond our wildest dreams”


    “I want to keep changing. I am able to express myself more, include myself in life. I understand myself better, I am so grateful for your help”


    “…we are all so grateful you provide us the opportunity to get together and feel so welcome in the many programs you provide us”


    “Abbie Cohen helped me prepare my resume, coached me in interviewing and now I’m posting jobs to hire others on the Project Chizuk site”


    “We get to explore our own self worth and values, weigh our options and get constructive feedback”


Jewish Family Service and Children's Center of Clifton-Passaic

Founded over 50 years ago to serve the communities of greater Clifton and Passaic, Jewish Family Service has a history of evolving services to families in need regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. These services include community-based geriatric services, family counseling, crisis intervention, case management, child-centered mental health services, school consultations and domestic violence services. Part of a network of 14 family service agencies covering the entire state of New Jersey, Jewish Family Service is positioned to access resources and expand services to a broad network. Jewish Family Service is a beneficiary of the United Jewish Campaign, the United Way, and Federal and State Grants. Individual, Family, Marital, Group and Play Therapy – "I’ve been trying so long to solve this on my own. Maybe I could use some help." Workshops and Discussion Groups on Topics of Concern – "I’d like to meet people going through the same thing as me." Consultation - Do you feel like you need therapy? Information and Referral – Find out more about benefits, entitlements, resources for yourself and your family, accessing mental health services. Services to Special Populations – older adults, victims of domestic violence, children with special needs, including casework, counseling, crisis intervention, group therapy and home visits. Speakers Bureau – Community presentations on a wide range of topics, from parenting to in-law relationships.
Jewish Family Service and Children's Center of Clifton-Passaic
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Jewish Family Service and Children's Center of Clifton-Passaic
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Jewish Family Service and Children's Center of Clifton-Passaic
Jewish Family Service and Children's Center of Clifton-PassaicTuesday, January 20th, 2015 at 1:00pm
It's school vacation time.
Here are some parenting tips to remember while you are spending more quality time with the children.

Positive Discipline Dos and Don'ts


• Praise behavior you like! Be specific, descriptive, enthusiastic and affectionate. Catch your child being good!
• Ignore minor misbehavior. Ignoring minor misbehavior (that isn't dangerous) can effectively extinguish that behavior.
• Redirect and distract when your child begins to misbehave.
• Be clear about directions. Give commands that are statements, not questions (and use the word please!)
• Stay calm and cool so you don't unintentionally reinforce behaviors by becoming overly emotional in response to them.
• Model good behavior. Children learn by copying, so always ask yourself what you are teaching your child by your own behavior.


• Spank or hit. This escalates bad behavior, models aggression, and instills fear in your child.
• Attend to negative behavior by reprimanding and lecturing — it doesn't work.
• Repeat a command multiple times. It loses its power and teaches your child that he doesn't have to listen the first time.

Remember, the trick is to catch good child behavior and to let him or her know how much you like it! Positive discipline makes a child feel safe and happy because it teaches what to expect and what is expected. Positive discipline builds a relationship based on respect and love.
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