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“Sustaining neighbors” an intensive, in-home case management program, was started in 2006 with the support of the local Rabbis as a response to high need family situations.



1-TO-1 Case Management

What is case management? – A social service delivered by a highly trained professional with the ability to assess family needs, prioritize, develop a collaborative strength based service plan, and assist in accessing a range of services designed to stabilize family function.

Sample resources:
Referral to food stamps
Referral to and assistance in applying for long term disability
Referral to the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Referral to JFS contracted budget and debt consultant
Referral to vocational services
Referral to family counseling
Referral to psychiatric care

Crisis Intervention

Case managers are on call 24/7 for active families in the program. They assist in assessing urgency and developing immediate action plans. JFS clinical staff are available for back up as well as local crisis teams.

Parenting Resources

Clients are assisted in accessing the array of parenting supports at JFS, including in-home parent program, multiple family social skills groups, and individual counseling for the parents.

Benefits Advocacy

Case managers are constantly exploring benefit programs that our clients may be entitled to. They have accessed housing and utility programs, social security, family care, food stamps. They assist clients in completing applications and accompany to appointments. They have filed many successful appeals for denied claims.

Emergency Assistance & Food Pantry

Limited one time emergency assistance can be provided on a case by case basis as well as referrals to the JFS food pantry to assist in meeting subsistence expenses.

Financial Counseling & Debt Management

A professional financial consultant is on retainer with the program to provide budgeting, financial planning, debt consolidation, bankruptcy assistance.

School Advocacy & Camp Assisstance

Case managers assist families in identifying appropriate educational resources for their children and advocating with school personnel for supplementary services. Clients are assisted in obtaining scholarship assistance for summer camp participation.


Any family or individual in the Clifton/Passaic community who is experiencing one, two or three of the following risk factors:

a. In danger of homeless
b. In danger of reaching level of reporting to child protective services because of potential for abuse and/or neglect
c. In danger of psychiatric hospitalization for any family member because of untreated or undertreated mental illness

There is no charge for these services. Somaich Achim is completely funded by local donors and foundations.

To refer a family in need or to find out how you can help contribute to this vital program email, call the office at (973) 777-7638, or contact your local Rabbi.


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