Working It Out

Working It Out is a pre-vocational on the job experience which enables individuals with special needs to begin the journey to vocationally meaningful opportunities.

  • Clients receive a vocational evaluation to help assess strengths and weaknesses.
  • Client’s progress is periodically re-assessed to keep up with meeting goals
  • Exposure to various vocational settings and experiences helps clients learn his or her own strengths and weaknesses and work setting preferences.
  • Some available job opportunities:
  • Maintenance and upkeep of the Jewish Family Service garden (learning how to take care of the garden, growing fruits and vegetables, etc)
  • Maintenance work (setting up coffee room, re-stocking)
  • Setting up the shul on a daily basis
  • Working with seniors (serving lunch, playing games with them to enhance social skills)
  • Filing and office help
  • Food pantry (sorting, stocking shelves, cleaning out the fridge, being able to identify kosher/non-kosher, preparing the pantry for the following day including breaking down boxes for recycling, assisting shoppers to their cars
  • Exposure to various types of people and social situations
  • Clients develop peer relationships

To learn more about the Working It Out program, please call 973-777-7638.