Vocational Services

Welcome to the Vocational Services Department at JFS.

We meet with each candidate individually to assess occupational goals, and create a plan to achieve career objectives. If you are entering the job market, or changing careers, we can help you discover jobs that match your interests. Whether you’re already a professional in your field, or if you are eager to advance professionally, we work with you to successfully obtain employment.

Our services include:
• Helping you create and revise resumes, cover letters and thank you emails
• Interview preparation
• Conducting mock interviews – in person and on Zoom
• Assisting in advising and supplying appropriate attire for interviews
• Training to improve job search skills
• Access to our Job Board
• LinkedIn training
• Salary negotiation skills
• Compensation package negotiation
• Executive functioning assessment

We capitalize on established relationships in your field to assist you in moving your resume forward, and scheduling informational meetings and interviews. Our relationship with you will continue after being hired to assist you in preparing for your first day on the job, knowing who to report to, how to deal with office conflicts, and other job-related situations. Our goal is for you to feel good about yourself, and be happy and successful on the job.

Employers: you are an integral part of our vocational services. We are eager to work with you, learn about your business and your ideal candidate, and look forward to introducing you to that perfect candidate. We are committed to only referring someone once we’ve already met with them. We understand that the success of your business is dependent on your employees, and we want our candidates to join your team, add value to their position, and contribute to the success of your company.

Upon hiring our candidate, we will continue to:
• Assist with on-boarding
• Help candidates adjust to their new position
• Coach candidates in their new role
• Provide guidance to ensure your satisfaction

We will be happy to post your job openings to our Job Board – either with your contact information, or maintaining your anonymity. We look forward to working together!

For more information, please contact Abbie Cohen at 973-777-7638 ext. 145 or [email protected].