Social Skills Program

Our M&M (Mitzvos and Middos for girls; Middos Mentch for boys) Social Skills program teaches social skills, self-awareness, middos tovos and mitzvos in a fun and interactive way. It helps empower children by acquainting them with the tools needed to navigate social situations. Within the framework of the program, therapists work with individual classes, teaching skills that address their specific challenges and successes. This program is taught to hundreds of children each year (Pre1A – 3rd grade).

Agency based social skills training includes working with children and their parents, as well as use of a nationally recognized social skills training program. These groups afford opportunities for carryover of social skills into the home, with parents learning and practicing these skills along with their children.

To find out more about our Social Skills program, please call 973-777-7638 ext. 151 or email [email protected]