Sequoia Calendar

Click here to view the December 2021 Sequoia calendar

Beginning in November, our program will take place in the building on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Programming will continue on zoom as well. Click here to join zoom.

Thursdays at the Center will be for women only!
There will be a men’s group via zoom, facilitated by Yisroel Reich. Click here to join the men’s group.

December 1: Annual Chanukah Party
December 2: Yaffa Hollander on trending diets
December 20:Rivky Reich on mood boosting foods to get you through the winter months
December 21: Dermatologist Yael Gottlieb on all things skin
December 21:
Biology professor, Dr. Bob O’Hagan from Montclair State University presenting on genetic engineering