Health Insurance Updates

Updated April 6, 2020

NJ Family Care

If I have to pay a monthly premium, how important is it to send in my check once I receive a notice?
It is very important that you send in your payment as soon as you know your monthly premium. You will receive notice of your premium by mail. New members cannot be enrolled or use their health benefits until the full payment has been received. Once enrolled, you will be billed monthly. You must pay in full and on time in order to continue health coverage.

I have lost my job and can no longer afford the premiums for NJ FamilyCare. Is there anything I can do to maintain coverage?
You can call 800-701-0710 and request a status review. Your family’s eligibility status will then be reevaluated based on current income, and could result in your paying a lower premium or no premium. Until your status review is complete, it is important to continue to pay your premium in full and on time each month.


  • No Special Enrollment Period for people who have not signed up for coverage during open enrollment last year.
  • Individuals who had employer-based and lose job-based coverage are eligible for SEP.
  • Individuals with decreased income should update their Marketplace account, there is a good chance you can get more subsidies.





  • AmeriHealth New Jersey will waive cost-sharing for COVID-19 testing performed at a hospital or approved laboratory. This includes members in fully insured, employer-sponsored plans and the individual and family plans available through the Affordable Care Act. Self-funded plans will be able to opt-out of the program. The company is also waiving cost-sharing for telemedicine visits available through members’ plans for the next 90 days.
  • There is still a 90-day grace period for paying your premium. You are still required to pay all the 3 months’ premium by that 90 day point. However, if you pay each within the 30 days, the 90-day period resets.
  • Updates are expected, please call to discuss your individual case with a representative at 888-968-7241.