Anyone Can Sing

Anyone Can Sing
New and improved – now with more singing!

Have you ever been told you have a voice of gold? Or that you should stick to singing in the shower? Either way, let’s sing together, and dive into these legendary musicals. Discover the voice you’ve always had! This course, instructed by Mara Adler O’ Kelly, will include both vocal technique and sing-alongs from all of your favorite musicals!

Thursdays at 11:15 AM
8 week session starts January 27
For women only

Free for Club Sequoia members. $25 for the entire 8 week session for non-members.
All participants must be vaccinated with booster.
For more information and to register, contact Shaina at 862-400-2074 or [email protected]

Made possible by a grant from the Wallerstein Foundation.