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In Home Family Assessments


If you or your elderly parent(s) answer yes to any of the following, a comprehensive & caring evaluation of the needs of the elderly person could be very valuable.

  • What your parent wants is not what you are able to provide
  • Your parent’s financial and medical needs are so troublesome that they prevent you from sleeping
  • You and your siblings are arguing about what to do with your parent
  • You promised that your parents would never go to a nursing home but it seems as though it’s the only choice
  • Your marriage is suffering because your energies are being consumed by worry about your parents

Jewish Family Service can provide you with the professional help needed at this crisis time.


  • Phone interview to provide a background perspective of the problem.
  • One -and-a-half hour home or hospital visit that includes elderly persons and interested family members. All family members have the opportunity to express their views of the problem, often with the result of relatives seeing something in a new light.
  • Contact with necessary medical personnel.
  • Developing a plan that takes a professional view of the needs and limitations of the elderly person and considers the wishes of the elderly person & the family.
  • Recommendations made to interested senior citizen and/or family member

The fee for the entire service is $250.