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This advertisement appeared in Jewish newspapers throughout the State of New Jersey as part of our annual Many Voices: One Message campaign. Thanks to the over 250 rabbis and communal organizations throughout the State of New Jersey who made our campaign such a success. Together, they marked National Domestic Violence Awareness Month by once again standing with Project S.A.R.A.H. and declaring that they will not tolerate domestic violence and sexual abuse in the Jewish community.

Look out for their sermons from the pulpit, newsletter articles and domestic violence-related programming in your congregation in the weeks and months ahead.

As always, these rabbis and Project S.A.R.A.H. are available to help anyone affected by domestic violence and sexual abuse throughout the state. (For a high resolution PDF of the ad, please click here

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Comprehensive resources to help rabbis and professional deal with the challenges confronted by their congregants and employees. We can help answer questions such as:

What do I say to a member of my congregation who says they are in an abusive relationship?

What should I say to the abusive partner?

What is my responsibility when I identify an abusive relationship in my community?

Can I help the children?

How can I get the family the help they need?

How involved should I become?

Phone, personal meetings, trainings for colleagues, statewide conferences –
always available for consultation.


More sample sermons and other useful resources are available here on the Jewish Women International website.



Sermon 2 1.07 MB 272 downloads


Sample Sermon One 1.07 MB 309 downloads


    Also, take a look at out parsha points – ideas for jump-off points into the topic of abuse in the weekly Torah portions.

    Many Voices One Message Campaign

    Dear Rabbis and Community Leaders:

    Please join Project S.A.R.A.H. in the fight against domestic violence and sexual abuse. This October we will be running our annual Many Voices/One Message public awareness campaign in conjunction with the National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Last year over 200 rabbis and organizations joined us in sending the message that the Jewish community is united in its intolerance of domestic violence and sexual abuse. The ad will appear in 7 Jewish newspapers throughout the State of New Jersey whose combined circulation exceeds 100,000 homes and businesses.

    It’s important to us that we receive an affirmative response, even if you have participated in the past. Last year’s ads cost us $5,000 and our advertising fees have increased this year. Your contribution will allow us to allocate our resources exclusively towards providing much needed services. Please help defray the high cost of placing this ad by contributing toward our campaign.

    Rabbis who participate in our Many Voices/One Message:

    • Deliver a sermon or write an article in their synagogue bulletin on the topic of family harmony/creating healthy relationships.
    •  Host an adult education program on domestic violence and/or sexual abuse.
    •  Make appeals for donations, or offer a contribution from the Rabbi’s discretionary fund to support the fight against domestic violence.
    •  Attend training sessions related to domestic violence and sexual abuse.

    Be Included in the Many Voices-One Message Campaign By Providing Your Information and/or Make Your Contribution Online By Clicking Here

    For more information about the Many Voices/One Message campaign or about Project S.A.R.A.H. and its services, please contact us at or call us at (973)777-7638 x154